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The Infiniti I30 is the first generation in the I series of mid-size cars from Nissan Motors’ luxury car division, releasing its initial version in 1996. The I30 sported a 3.0L VQ30DE V6 engine, producing 190 hp (142 kW). This engine was a clone from the Nissan Maxima. Hence, the Infiniti I30 is considered as the first rebadged North American Nissan.

The I30 became Infiniti’s bestseller, proving itself to be a worthy replacement for the car maker’s aging rear-wheel drive J30 sedan. Notably, the I30 was more aggressive looking and sportier than the J model, as well as secure, fast and controllable at the edge. Several revisions were made on the I30 during the mid and late 1990s, including a major styling update in 1998. For that year, side impact airbags were added and the Bose audio system was improved. More aggressive suspension tuning, BBS wheels and a spoiler were also included in the Infiniti I30 touring model.

Estimated Price Range for Used Infiniti I30: $1,000-$3,800
Estimated MPG for Infiniti I30: 17 City/24 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Touring
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