Used Infiniti

Infiniti is a manufacturer of luxury cars, and is a division of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan. The North American operations of Infiniti officially began in 1989 and its global operations now extend to 15 countries with more than 230 dealers. The company’s logo combines a modified infinity symbol and a stylized highway heading towards a distant horizon. Its initial foray into the US market was disappointing but the introduction of award winning models and improved advertising eventually made Infiniti competitive in the US luxury vehicle market segment.

Nissan’s financial woes during the late 1990s adversely affected Infiniti so much so that the luxury car market was in danger of extinction towards year 2000. Nonetheless, Infinity refocused its operations to developing a dynamic and powerful lineup of sporty luxury cars, resulting in several successful model introductions. With the recovery in Infiniti’s sales and reputation, the company is now geared to break itself from its Nissan roots and redefine its cars as the “Japanese BMW”.