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Here is one sub-compact four-door hatch back that was introduced as a response to escalating fuel prices- the Honda Fit. This Honda entry managed to get nods and approval along the way thanks to the world-class engineering and excellent design that comes into its construction.

The Fit was introduced in 2001 and currently on its second generation. For each generation, its makers ensure that consumers and drivers are treated to crisp handling, excellent interior and high quality paint and finish and with a sticker price that don’t sting.

Simply out, the Fit was designed to meet the demands of the small car shoppers and it didn’t disappoint. The Fit is available in 6 variants and these variants are known by the vehicle identification number. One feature of the Fit that makes it a standout is the location of the fuel tank which can be seen just under the front seats. Honda Fit is also known for its ‘Magic Seat’ system.

Base MSRP for New Honda Fit: $15,100
Estimated MPG for Used Honda Fit: 27 City/33 Hwy
Available Trims: base, Sport
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