Used Dodge

Just listening to the roar of a Dodge vehicle would make you go to car heaven. Many thanks to the Dodge Brothers who had made the American dream worth your while. The production came by 1914 having a Dodge 4 to grace the first slice in the automobile industry especially the American Army. After 14 years John and Horace Dodge sold their company to Walter Chrysler.

From the Dodge 4, the Red Ram and the list of automobiles that Chrysler has produced seemed endless. Name it they have it – the Avenger, Caliber, Shadow, Sprinter, and who could not forget the Dodge Grand Caravan. They also have the sleek Durango and the mighty Viper.

To date, Dodge cars are manufactured and sold by Chrysler with a guarantee of the same rawness of horsepower which became a staple in the garages of Americans.

Truly, the Dodge line mirrors the true American dream.