Used Datsun Cars

Datsun LogoDatsun is the brand name or auto marque created in 1931 by DAT Motorcar Co., a firm which made both passenger cars and trucks.

The company used to be known as the Kwaishinsha Company, which was formed by an engineer (who obtained training in America) Sotaro Hashimoto, with three enterprising partners. DAT was coined from the surname of the people who financed the company, namely, Kenjoro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi The DAT Motorcar Co. had actually sold DAT cars to Japanese consumers beginning 1914.

DAT vehicle operations remained in full force until 1926, with the merging of the firm with Jidosha Seizo. In time, the name DAT was changed to Datson and later on Datsun.

The establishment of the Nissan Motor Company in Yokohama took place in 1933, and it engaged in the exportation of cars. From the 1950s until the early 70s, Datsun rose to prominence for they were known for their trendy sports cars. Today, through Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the marque has experienced a renaissance with the wave of new Nissan models of executive cars, family vans, and off-road vehicles.