Used Buick

Named after a Scottish industrialist who called the first two-cylinder car he built as Model B, Buick traces its beginnings to 1903. The Models B and D which had four-cylinder engines eventually followed. In 1914, Buick cars were powered by six-cylinder engines. The primary market consisted of upper-class professionals. A veritable trailblazer, Buick was the foremost auto firm which successfully applied four-wheel brakes to mass-produced vehicles. Beginning 1931, Buicks were powered by eight-cylinder engines.

Buick cars became very popular, even with royalty. King Edward VIII ordered a Buick limousine in 1935 which carried him just before he announced his abdication. In 1936, the four-model Buick line — which consisted of the Special, Century, Roadmaster and Limited — was born, bolstering the automaker’s reputation as an upscale marque. In 1938, the first concept car called the Buick U-Job (a sleek convertible) was built. Other Buick icons which evoked vintage appeal and grace, including the 1960s Le Sabre, Electra 225 and the Riviera coupes from the 1960s and 1970s, followed. Buick cars continued to intrigue car enthusiasts and stoked avid car aficionados’ motoring passion in the subsequent years.