Used Audi

Adversity turned into an advantage best describes the origin of the Audi, a German brand of luxury cars. Audi, which now belongs to the Volkswagen Group, traces its roots from August Horch who founded a car manufacturing company in 1899, eventually coming out with the first Horch automobile in 1901. But eight years later, August’s relations with his partners soured, and after being ousted, he set out to a start a new company using the Horch trademark. His ex-partners sued, and won, a trademark infringement case against him. Brainstorming on a new name, August’s son suggested that Horch which means “hark” or “hear” in German be translated into Latin which is “audi”.

Enthusiasm met this suggestion, and soon after solid market acceptance of Audi cars. Starting out with a 2.6 liter, four-cylinder model, more powerfully built cars followed which became successful both for ordinary road use and for sporting events which became the foundation of the popular Audi cars we know today.