Most Fuel Efficient Sports Cars: Top 10 List

Even though fuel efficiency isn't the first thing on a buyer's mind when purchasing a high performance sports car, these days with the skyrocketing costs of oil and energy conservation regulations, more sports cars are being made to operate on less fuel. Even though there are others cars on the market, we put together a list of some of the more popular and highly rated sports cars that rank high with fuel efficiency.

1) 2010 BMW 128 i: MPG-18 city/28 highway (starting at $30,000) The Germans are considered superior in the sports car department and that still continues to be true with the 2010 BMW 128 i. A bit expensive for a sedan, the superior performance and excellent gas mileage puts this car on the list for Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Sports Cars.

2) 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK300: MPG-19 city/26 highway (starting at $42,000) Offering superior performance and great looks as expected is the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK300. Even with 228 horse power decent fuel economy can be had with this beautiful car.

3) 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera: MPG-19 city/27 highway (starting at $75,000) The iconic teardrop shaped 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera still carries the same appeal that it always has. This fast sports car even has a place on the Top Ten List for fuel efficient cars with its progressive design and fine lines.

4) 2010 Porsche Cayman: MPG: 20 city/29 highway (starting at $60,000) For 2010, the Porsche Cayman was updated with 20 more horsepower but still maintains great fuel efficiency. Offering superior handling and driving performance, the Cayman is sure to provide some of the most memorable driving experiences that any car can offer.

5) 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse: MPG: 20 city/28 highway (starting at $20,000) One of the more affordable sports cars on this list is the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The sporty looks of this car are sure to turn heads when driving around town and you will also feel good knowing you’re saving some gas with 20 miles to the gallon.

6) 2010 Porsche Boxster: MPG: 20 city/29 highway (starting at $47,000) This sporty two seat convertible offers a fun ride while saving money on fuel. With a compact ride, excellent handling, and superior comfort, the 2010 Porsche Boxster is sure to impress.

7) 2010 Audi TT Roadster: MPG: 21 city/29 highway (starting at $40,800) The Audi TT Roadster is a compact sports car offering superior handling and extreme comfort while dominating the roads offering one of the most memorable rides of any car on the market.

8 ) 2010 Pontiac G6: MPG-22 city/30 highway (starting at $21,000) The 2010 Pontiac G6 is one of the more affordable cars on this list with its sporty looks and high fuel efficiency. Never sacrificing quality and performance, Pontiac comes through with a new look and many options to fit your needs with the G6.

9) 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata: MPG: 22 city/28 highway (starting at $23,000) The Mazda MX-5 is a relatively small sports car that packs a punch. Now in its 20th year, the Mazda can be purchased with a soft top or power retractable hard top so you can enjoy that fresh air while taking this car for a spin.

10) 2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet: MPG: 23 city/30 highway (starting at $42,000) The Audi A5 has been rated by some experts as being the most beautiful 2-door car on the market. The progressive design and high performance engine are sure to get you where you need to go while saving a little fuel in the process.

  • DJ STM

    the 2014 Corvette does 24 city and 28 highway so it should be 1st

  • the volks wagen x1 is the most fuel efficient car

  • I drive a bugatti veyron and that very very not efficient, but fast and powerful.

    • bub

      ya right you do not drive a bugatti veyron

  • Mustangstu

    I drive a 2010 corvette and average32-35mpg in mixed driving. frequently get 37-39 mpg on the highway on an imperial gallon. Thats abot 31 to a US gallon.

  • name

    why is the mustang, camero, chanlenger and charger not on here they all get 30+ mpg highway in the V6 option

  • i gotta tell you!

    oh wait, the prius isn’t a race car!
    well the ferrari is !!!

  • i gotta tell you!

    BTW, honda civic si and toyota prius is also a MUST BE in this list!

  • i gotta tell you!

    really??? this is the actual list???
    what about the Nissan 370z??? and the mazda RX-8???
    bother that! WHAT ABOUT THE LOTUS???
    lotus’s car are efficient! BMW 5 series is also better than, what? PONTIAC???
    so… some are Bullsh1t and some is real!

    • Larry

      You are dead on. Especially the 370 Zed, the aging old thing. Where else are you going to get such performance for 32K. The little roadster is an adult, sport car, version of the only fair 350Z. Right behind the Zed is the very neat Z4 and the old S2000, These are not expensive, easily serviceable, and real sports cars.

  • liker

    for sure some are lies and you got to agree with that

  • king

    no way the porsche is fuel efficient no way its a lie

    • P.H.

      most of Porsche’s engines are inline 4-cylinders, inline 5-cylinders, or inline 6-cylinders. (both of these are flat 6 engines) The Cayman gets 19 City and 26-28 Hwy

      The 911 Carerra is an inline 6-cylinder with 385 HP…it gets 17 City and 23 to 26 Hwy.

      Remember though, the fuel you put into the car alters fuel efficiency. Clean fuel = great gas mileage.

      For example, in my 2001 Volvo S40, if I put premium fuel in it, I get about 31 Hwy; if I put regular in, I get no more than 27, if I’m lucky.

  • seenal sivangni

    hw does it save alot of fuel ? 🙂

  • charlie

    According to BBC:Top Gear, the mclaren mp4-12c has a superb mileage of 30 mpg in average and yet it is not included in the above list. What a pity.

  • Colton

    No kidding Ferrari is colse to being cooler than mclaren well maybe not that cool. Still complete Awsomeness though!

  • Colton

    Mark don’t be dumb this is fuel efficient cars not how they look and its all boring.

  • Xavier

    Are u serious were r u from! Ferrari Sucks?U r seriously crazy

  • Mark

    Really? The Pontiac G6 made the list? A Honda Civic Si Coupe is more of a head turner than the G6. At 29 mpg highway, the Honda is equally fuel efficient. It’s also worth noting that Honda is still making Civics.

  • Josh

    don’t like caymen, it’s a boxter with a roof

  • rawrdinosaur

    ferrari suck bro…

  • how the hell does porche 911 save fuel . and where is ferrari?

  • Adrian V

    You forgot the Tesla Roadster. No gas at all and 0-60 in 3.9 seconds for the base model, 3.7 seconds for the faster model. It beats the crap out of ALL Porsche models, which is why I got rid of mine after driving my Tesla for a couple of weeks. It beats the crap out of all but one Ferrari model as well!

  • DD car lover

    No good cars !!!where is Ferrari,bugatti,Lamborghini and Pagani???

  • Max

    The G6 is no sports car, and as a replacement I nominate the Lotus Elise / Exige, 21 city / 27 highway and 0-60 in about 5 secs flat 🙂

  • Eosov the Russian

    Tesla is the #1 most efficient sports car because its 100% ELECTRIC

  • dominik

    SLK300 the best

  • Ian

    I can’t help but notice that Porsche “kind of dominates” this list 😀

  • Michael

    the mclaren mp4-12c is going to be #1 because its more fuel efficent than any hybrid and yet it has 600hp and a top speed over 200mph oh and its not a hybrid

  • Amazingly elegant collection.

  • nice style!

  • Oseni Abideen

    I dream and feel like having any of the sporty car.

  • What the hell is a Pontiac doing here? I’ve driven that particular car before, and it is a far cry from what most would call “sporty.”

  • What about Lotus Elise, Exige ?