Rolls-Royce Pininfarina Hyperion

Pininfarina has just released its toughest model out there in the Pebble Beach Concours at August 2008. Overall, its size and build has been a question to all of us. In all of heritage and tradition, based on the Rolls Royce, this takes the cake in history between these two models.

It has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show; also Pininfarina has showed off its highly anticipated electric cars: Ferrari California and the Maserati Quattroporte MY 08. All of these cars are designed by the only Pininfarina in Paris.

Rolls Royce Pininfarina Hyperion

In order to please other companies, Pininfarina has added a different view of creativity and ability to interpret other companies. This car, I would say will make a good impression on its buyers and other companies.
Rolls Royce Pininfarina Hyperion side view

  • femgod

    Nicole I seriously think your granparents parents should get the new ones babe it’ll never behave that way Rolls Royce says sooooooooooooo.

  • nicole

    Rolls-Royce’s aren’t very good cars.. my grandparents have 3 and theyre in the shop atleast once a week. 🙁

  • Drew Cox

    I love Rolls Royce, but they need to make a real super car and hit 300 or i would never buy any of their cars. They look amazing and all but all they are are luxury cars nothing more, and they could do both they have the money.