2010 Masonry Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited

A car like the 2010 Masonry Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited commands attention not only for its name but for the sophistication it exudes. A sedan bearing the Rolls-Royce name will definitely make heads turn and eyes stare a lot longer. As the name implies, the luxury car is wrapped in a subtle white color.

The sporty and elegant Masonry Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited is enhanced by rows of LED lights on the front, side and rear view mirrors, and other nice design elements. Adding to one beautiful package is a set of large 22-inch wheels with diamond-polished surface.

Entering the 2010 Masonry Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited is like immersing oneself in the ultimate luxury. High-grade leather seats, LED-lighted dashboard and door panels characterize the plush interiors. A real supercar, the Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited can cruise at a fast 180 mph, and has been enhanced to deliver 638 HP at 5700 revolutions per minute, with maximum torque of 860 Newton meter, up from the previous 780 NM.

  • De Stig

    Pretty cool and luxuriuos! It definately does it for me!

  • mohd ithfak

    r8 mr covertte even i think so

  • Ali Gujjar

    yup this car is so nice i love it. ride it like a cute girlfrind mean (galth frind)

  • Nice car man pretty costly but costly in a good way. They even have an umbrella in the door shaft thats pretty cool but bentley continnental lokks nicer and has a more powerful engine and the best thing its like 150 000 dollars cheaper.

  • abilash nair

    cars are craze……………….
    keep this car as a preety lover and ride this car as a cute own baby
    and care this car as uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • jamal

    This car is very nice i use it for when am ginq to travel to other citys

  • pakman

    if your looking for a luxary car with spped yuove got tow choices the moregan, the rolls royce

  • Johnny

    Its called Mansory not masonry

  • josh

    got dis car 4 £1.2million it is d best car ever

  • Mr.Corvette

    all you like is ford there best car is horrible. this car is for ballin in da street not some off road hillbilly hunting

  • GM&Ford&Mopar-dude

    this ain’t cool. Rolls Royce are not cool. they are not fast or good in off road, that is why it suck

  • The rear does look lower, I wonder why? It still looks hot!

  • Mr.Corvette

    looks nice. except the back looks lower than the front