Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia


Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia is a car made according to the requirements of the long distance rally. The engine Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia has been adopted from the standard street version with almost no modifications. This V8 4.8 liter with direct injection is capable of generating 385 hp (283kW) at 6200 rpm.The management of the valve VarioCam plus assures a stable consumption on the whole speed range.Despite the increase of power toward the previous Cayenne generation, the new V8 4.8 liter engine reduces the combustible consumption with aprox. 15%, giving this model a significant autonomy-obviously a great advantage when it comes to long distance rally. In fact, the engine is capable to function on the base of a compound between gas and ethanol (in a maximum proportion of 25%). A sporty evacuation system reduced for the minimum weight, gives birth to a powerful and aggressive sound.Like all the other models from Cayenne, Porsche Transsyberia is also equipped with the permanent traction management system 4 x4 of Porsche (PTM). In the base variant, PTM offers 62% from the engine spin to the back wheels and 38% for the front ones.
The gear on several discs, electronically controlled is capable of giving variations depending on the road conditions, offering up to 100% from the power of the engine to the front or back wheels is necessary.Protection panels overdimensioned and with increased resistance, made from aluminium and a supplementary inoxidable steel protection for the pipes, protect the car from damages.Especially on muddy road, the Dynamic Control System of the Porsche chassis, with the air suspensions and the Active Management System of the Porsche System improve the traction at an even higher standard, and if the driver activates the low range mode of the automatic transmission in 6 steps, SDCS will pass automatically to the off road mode.This way, the system allows the maximum articulation of the axle. In the special off-road mode offered by the air suspensions, the maximum deep when crossing rivers is aprox. 75 cm and using the flexible air alimentation tube, the admission system has been moved even higher, making sure that the water will not affect the engine.
The wheels and the suspension have also been modified for long term extreme conditions. The standard tyres are replaced by 255/55 R 18 T off road tyres. To counter-balance the supplementary weight of the protection cage and of the rally equipment, and in order to lower even more the weight center of the car, the rear bench, the interior panels and the phonic isolation material have been removed. The driver and the front passenger will enjoy the benefits of the sport benches. Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia in the standard model comes with a navigation unit, which allows the team to plan routes even when they are not on the road.