Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 was first displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year 1969. It featured a stylish body structure, latest technology and a powerful engine of that time.

The Porsche 914 featured a four cylinder and six cylinder engines that delivered an output power of 76 hp at 110 rpm. The Porsche 914 is well known for its high performance, comfort and smooth driving and a total of 115,631 units have been manufactured making it the best sports car during its period.

Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 celebrated its 40th anniversary and an exhibition was held in between April 9th to May 10th where the Porsche 914/8 was displayed with the eight cylinder engine that delivered an output power of 300 bhp.


Vehicle type: - 2-door coupe, targa
Configuration: - Front Engine
Engines: - flat-2 and flat-6
Power: - 76 hp at 110 rpm
Weight: - 2194 lbs

  • it is not a front engine