Porsche 906

The Porsche 906 is a racing car manufactured by Porsche in the year 1966.

The Porsche 906 is the successor of Porsche 904, which was designed by Ferdinand Karl Piech, a German automobile engineer. The steel structure has been replaced in the Porsche 906, whereas fiberglass has been used in the Porsche 904 which resulted in 113 kg lesser than the Porsche 904.

The Porsche 906 consists of a 6-cylinder light weight racing engine which delivers an output power of 220 hp. During the hill climbing events, the 8-cylinder engine has been used in the Porsche 906 in order to compete with the Ferrari Dino.

The Porsche 906 has been tested in a wind tunnel where it reached the maximum speed of 170 mph, which is also the fastest speed for a 2-liter engine car. In the year 1966, the Porsche 906 made its debut in the 24 Hours of Daytona which finished in the fourth place. It also participated in the 12 Hours of Sebring where it finished in the fourth place.

The spare suspensions and 15 inch wheels manufactured in advance for the Porsche 904 has been used in the Porsche 906 for saving the money. However 13 inch wheels have been used during the formula one race.