2012 Porsche 911 Carrera 991

The Porsche 911 is one of the most successful and prominent models in the history of sports cars. Often described as a luxury sports coupe, the original Nine Eleven model has undergone various changes since its inception in the early 1960’s. Nonetheless, the rear-engine, independent rear suspension and the Carrera’s unique looks have largely remained the same.

After five incarnations of the distinct 911 design, Porsche has revealed the new flagship model of the company – the 991.


As the succeeding model for the outgoing 997, the 991 Carrera will have a 3.4-liter engine that is very much capable of producing up to 345 hp. The current direct injection from the Carrera S will also be available. The 3.8-liter 6 flat engine of this model is estimated to generate a staggering 394 hp.

The Porsche 991 features the latest in stop/start technology and electro-mechanical power steering. In contrast to the 997, the latest Carrera wheelbase has increased by 3.9 inches or 100 mm; thus, increasing the overall length of the sports coupe by 2.8 inches or 70 mm.

The transmission of the Porsche 991 slightly differs from its predecessor. Porsche is releasing Carrera models with 7-speed manual transmission and 7-speend PDK – Porsche’s dual clutch transmission.


Keeping with tradition, the body elements of the Porsche 911 will be made out of carbon clothing and Kevlar. Moreover, the use of specially designed steels and various composites have reduced the weight by almost 100 lbs.

Though most sports car enthusiasts will recognize the traditional 911 look, the 991 will be an exciting new face in the sports car industry.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: $82,100.00
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.9 gallons (64 liters) Miles Per Gallon: 18 city / 25 hwy
Length: 176.8 in. (449 cm) Wheel Base: 96.4 in. (244.8 cm)
Height: 51.3 in. (131 cm) Width: 71 in. (180.8 cm)
Curb Weight: 3042 lbs (1379 kg) Ground Clearance: NA
Luggage Capacity: 4.76 cu ft Maximum Seating: 4 people
Engine: 3.4L 24-valve DOHC flat-6 Compression Ratio: 12.5: 1
Horsepower: 350 HP Max RPM: 7400 RPM
Torque: 287 lb-ft Transmission: 7-Speed Manual
0-60 mph: 4.6 seconds Maximum Speed: 179 mph (288 kmh)

  • espressoman

    They just don’t make them any better! Porsche’s most beautiful offering to date. If there is a rich man out there who would love to make a terminally ill 56 year old happy, I’d take one just like this except with a grey or black interior. Porsche, I love you.

  • barrak ojhani

    i have it