2011 Singer Porsche 911

The 2011 Singer Porsche 911 is part of a brand tradition that provides elegance and power in cars. The new Porsche delivers aesthetically and gives the thrill of a racecar. The high powered engine delivers on efficiency and speed. The high quality materials used can compete with the best of the luxury cars out on the market.

The engine is stripped down and the unibody is cleaned and bare metal is treated for rust prevention. All bodywork is replaced and stripped from the machine and the chassis receives more welding and strengthening to prepare for its new body. What makes the Singer 911 unique is its carbon fiber body which is made from high quality carbon fiber. These carbon fiber parts are of the utmost quality that gives the car improved strength and light weight.

The engines of the Singer 911 are stripped and blue printed, balanced and hand built using new or premium quality tools. A Singer 911 has three engines to choose from, ranging from 3.6 L to 3.9L with horse powers that range from 300-425BHP. The optimized engine delivers efficient power and speed. The engines used by this model of Porsche are well engineered, developed and efficient. The Porsche Singer provides you with both style and substance.

  • Fuzz_nut

    This is one of the best looking Porsches I’ve ever seen. I would much rather have this than a newer one. Can’t wait to see more o them in the future.

  • its okay

  • john Deere

    yes i think so

  • kylinn

    wierd….is it made to just look old?

  • chewbacca

    did they just make a older version again