2011 Porsche Cayman R

Porsche reserves a special letter for models with exceptional sporting capability: R for racing.
And Porsche’s newest addition to their mid-engine Cayman series proves it deserves the moniker “R”; the 2011 Porsche Cayman R got the 3 R’s that makes a car the finest in the road. This coupe is refined, responsive, and most of all racy.

The acclaimed Porsche Cayman S has 320 hp but Cayman R got ten horsepower more than its predecessor. Weighing only 2855 lbs, Cayman R was made even lighter by 121 lbs or 55 kg than Cayman S.

With the enhanced six-cylinder engine, the power to be transmitted in the rear wheels is enough for the coupe to propel from 0 to 100 km/h in five seconds. Cayman R can reach its top speed of 175mph with manual gearbox or 174 mph with the (or PDK) option.

  • jordan

    after i get back from cali imma get one

  • SirWhiteG


  • SirWhiteG

    this car is great but porshe is relying or old designes to be inspired… weak, the porshe carrera GT was a step forward, but they never advanced anything other that this design but its still nice.

  • the bomb1023

    every one please to to this link

  • corvhini

    porsche really needs to come with something original, all of there body styles are generic

  • Dj duck

    it is one of the fastest cars in the world for girls 😀