2010 TopCar Porsche Cayenne 2

When TopCar announced to the world that they will introduce an all-new package for the Porsche Cayenne that will be setting off-road tracks on fire, they were definitely not kidding. The new 2010 TopCar Porsche Cayenne 2 project is obviously bound to make scene.

There are three versions of the Porsche Cayenne 2: the Advantage, the Vantage, and the Vantage GTR. The Advantage 2 is about a Cayenne geared up to hit the tortuous off-road terrain. The vehicle will be fitted with Porsche 911 headlights for precision and clarity, and renovated with an aerodynamic package complete with lengthened fenders, spoiler bumpers at the front and rear, and wider door caps. The refreshing wide set up of the car’s body will carry its character as a supercar. Meanwhile, the Vantage 2 package consists of spoiler bumpers to guard its front and end, extended fenders, skirts, and a bonnet. Its face takes after the Vantage GTR 2’s elegant strings. Last is the Vantage GTR 2 that retains the real headlights of the Porsche Cayenne to distinguish it from the Advantage 2. The front spoiler bumper is marked by wide air capacity complemented by the new bonnet. The rear spoiler bumper also gets a diffuser, and wider fenders to match. With everything that the body pack has in store for the Cayenne, the finished project will certainly make a tyrannical impression at first glance.

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    it is an overgrone 911