2010 TechArt Porsche Panamera Black Edition

Black is the color of individuality, independence and experience. These are what the TechArt Porsche Panamera Black Edition wants to show the world.

The TechArt Porsche Panamera Black Edition is painted matte black all over. It needs no chrome accents to catch your eye. From the front spoiler to the rear spoiler, the car is nothing but black. The only contrast comes from the flamenco red logotype on the 22-inch, 5-spoke light alloy wheels.


It is all black on the inside of this car as well. High-quality materials on the inside are a reflection of what is on the outside. The seats are made of fine black leather with hand-sewn decorative stitching and leather piping in flamenco red. The interior components, from the trims to the cup holders, are also matte black. The 3-spoke PDK Sport steering wheel is also worth taking note of.

The chosen color for this car gives it an intimidating appearance while oozing with sportiness and style. One look and you would know the power it holds. The TechArt Porsche Panamera Black Edition absolutely exudes individuality, independence and experience.

- Price: €220,000
- Engine: 4.8 liter V8
- Aspiration: twin turbochargers
- Horsepower: 500 hp
- HP/Liter: 104.2 hp/liter
- Top speed: 188 mph