2009 TechArt Porsche Boxster

TECHART presents another car that has several new features like two Aerokits, daytime running lights, one sport springs set, and a package of a carpet interior. TECHART’s goal is to enhance other options in exterior and interior areas that would respond to the need of individual exclusivity of their clients.

TECHART’s Porsche Boxster has a new Aerokit I+II that are already verified in a wind tunnel to ensure its capability to maximize its drag coefficients. Also, its downforce is very high in both axles. The Aerokit components are façade spoiler that has a lip that fit the car frame’s color, side sills and the rear area that were optimized both in designs and aerodynamics. The fixed rear spoiler and the rear apron with a diffuser are perfect maintaining stability even at maximum speeds. The light system is also developed such that it easily adjusts to the selected lights setting.

2009 TechArt Porsche Boxster 480

The chassis of boxster is a 19-inch aluminum wheels that is efficient is transmitting the power of a 2.9 liter engines. The TECHARTS’s Vario and Vario Plus threaded suspension chassis are able to lower the car up to 30 mm during assembly. The client can also choose to a variety of interior design for the car. He/she can demand to equip the car with the premium leather and a stylish seam with a variety of colors. There are also additional accessories that are readily available if the clients would like to have it like the aluminum sport pedals, a 3-spoked sport steering wheel, and illuminated entry sills with logos.

2009 TechArt Porsche Boxster side view 480