2010 Peugeot EX1 Concept

Dubbed as a car of the future, the 2010 Peugeot EX1 is completely powered by electricity. With a mishmash of modern artistry and original style, the EX1 is designed to provide powerful driving impressions to celebrate the 200 years of adventure of Peugeot. The design of EX1 is based on the concept of a water droplet, having the rear section constructed closely to the rear wheels. This shape enables the reduction of the passenger compartment. And adding the fact that it is manufactured from carbon/honeycomb composite, a more favorable distribution of weight is observed.

The source of power is electric motor, one on each axle with a maximum output of 125 kW and torque of 240 Nm. A sophisticated yet futuristic way of entering the vehicle is done through a reverse-opening door. The driving experience provides an opportunity to similarly handle an aircraft since there are two control handles. The design never compromises the performance. As a matter of fact, EX1 has broken six world acceleration records, one of which showed that it travelled a mile for only 41.09 seconds.

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  • chewbacca

    weird but cool

  • Michael

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  • car-fanatic

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  • mitchellcraig

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  • corvhini

    this isn’t 2045, so stop making cars for the future, and start making them for today.

    • lordpain274

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  • Reece Marsh

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  • Mr.Corvette

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  • Mikkel

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