Exotic Car Pagani Zonda R

The new Zonda Model is the fastest, the strongest, most exclusive and most expensive convertible sports car in the world, said Horacio Pagani about his last creation.
Safety is the only rule Zonda R accepts because liberty is the word that fully characterises this car, as it's target is the ultimate performance at the racetrack without any implications of rules.
The engine is built by the racing specialists at Mercedes AMG, where the championship winning DTM cars are born, as well as the CLK GTR, probably the most devastating and effective weapon ever to compete in the GT series. From it's engine the Zonda R borrows the basic architecture including an ingenious dry sump allowing a low centre of gravity. This self-supporting engine with 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 710 Nm of torque carries a lightweight carbon fibre high-performance intake system, a racing multiple disc sintered clutch and Formula 1 style exhaust system, hydroformed in Inconel 625 and ceramic coated for optimal heat dissipation.

Most certainly the power unit combined with a 6 speed transversal manual sequential synchronised gearbox will satisfy the most ambitious drivers.
The central carbon chassis will incorporate a roll cage and a rubber racing fuel tank with 4 fuel pumps and quick refuel filler like on GT race cars. Best stability is provided by the wheelbase has been increased by 47mm. The front and rear subframes are brand-new, built to accommodate a new suspension geometry, produced in avional. The magnesium forged rims with central wheel nut and a quick pneumatic lifting system allows fast and effortless changes of the slick tyres.The new bodywork has been honed to offer elevated downforce even in low speed corners. The longer front bonnet with flaps, closed underbody and the rear overhang with the adjustable rear wing and race derived diffuser translate into shattering aerodynamic efficiency and will let you experience cornering speeds beyond imagination.The interior is designed to accommodate the driver and passenger in bespoke seats, built to offer the best support, when the G-forces from the vehicle dynamics come into question.The Digitek instrumentation provides the essential information and a sophisticated telemetry allows through a variety of sensors to monitor every single component of the carEven though it was built for the track, if the quality and finish of the car and its details were not up to the level of the Pagani road cars, the project would not have received a kick off.
The Pagani customers who have ordered the Zonda R will be relieved of almost 1.2 million.

  • david strawther

    I as an actual pagani zonda R former owner have actually taken one on a drag strip test and have had a friend of mine clock the speed using reliable means to do so and have marked it to reach a top speed of officially 312 mpr on my pagani zonda R showed on my friend’s end

  • Man italia has the best exotic cars ever compared to a bugatti i would buy this baby.

  • juju

    nice road car and entirely built with carbon fiber that thing is quick and top speed unknown

  • unknown

    It top speed is 280 mph
    (some said 320 mph)

  • Dustin

    Its a glorified car, yes its loud and yes its fast, but it is a very high maintanance car. Sure, most super cars are, but this car had problems going around the Top Gear track twice in a row. I like this car but it could be better. Looks absolutely stunning though.

  • This is one AWSOME car. The fact that it is hand built makes it even better. It rates right up there with a CCXR.



  • jojo santago the canadian

    it is my 22nd fave car

  • Mr.Corvette

    why are the pictures so small for such an exotic looking car?

  • looks ggggreeeaaaattttttttttt pppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    i love it so wot is the top speed

    • Way faster than you would be capable of driving it.

  • This car belongs on the top ten list of fastest cars on eatrh. It surely goes faster than the pagani zonda f.

  • pagani zonda R owner

    this surely is my dream car,, very very sexy and it got good looks tooo and one day i’m gonna buy one for sure great website but must be updated often keep up the goo work 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!