The Lightning GT Super Car


A new super car is born.The Lightning GT,developed by Lightning Car Company, is a 100% electric car. The engine is electric, of course, and generates 700 BHP. The top speed for this super car is more than 200 kmh. For an electric engine this car is very powerfull. The battery system, designed by NanoSafe, is the heart of the power. it's new, it's great, and it's spelled "POWER". The battery recharges very fast, for at least 250 miles only 10 minutes of recharging would be needed. The Lightning GT has another cool feature. Every time the car brakes or slows down, the kinetic energy is transformed into heat and forwarded to the battery as electricity. It self regenerates. For the bodywork, the UK designers used Carbon fibre,aluminium and Kevlar technology.The interior is a luxury one. It has incorporated Satellite navigation, an Ipod interface and a virtual engine sound. Of course , it has only two seats, so it's tagged as a sport car. I don't know ... the bodykit is simillar somehow with the Dodge Viper. Especially the front of the car. Anyway, it's truly a super car. And this time it's not made by the germans. The british company "wins terrain" in the super car battlefield.Though the engine is powerfull, a small glitch is this : it accelerates rather slow. From 0 to 60 kmh in almost 4 seconds. But we can overpass that. The other features of the engine saves it's reputation : total weather proofing,several levels of redundancy and a total energy transfer. These make it a super engine. The price for this super car is not yet set, because the Lightning GT will be launched on the market just before the end of 2008. Until then, let's hope the UK will bring on the market a few more sport cars .

  • Joey

    The car is all right but I dont like how it looks