2008 Morgan AeroMax

After 2 years of their debut at the 2006 Geneva Auto show and besting themselves as one of the most discerning customers, the Aeromax coupe has showed its entire series production at the Morgan factory. Similar to the Aero 8, the AeroMax can go from 0-60mph in 4.2 secs and reach a maximum speed of 170 mph.

After a two year intense period of production development, and a number of minor improvements to the overall design, the first customer to AeroMax was delivered. Using different mixes of technology and high quality materials, AeroMax is assembled with care and dedication by craftsman and women in Malvern.
Morgan Aeromax

  • Mr. Parker

    My wifes name is Morgan and this car is almost as beautiful as her. I think ill buy it sometime this year.

  • Dr. Troll

    Mr. Corvette@ Drive it then, go on.

  • Whoaaaaaaaaa man this cars is smoking lokks like an old fashioned ford or jeep but very brutal acceleration.

  • Mr.Corvette

    when im an old man IMMA BE BALLIN in this car