Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Car


After the presentation at the Auto Salon in Detroit of the Prototype X Concept, which was predicting the series production, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has revealed the Lancer Evolution Model.
For the American market, Mitsubishi has decided that the lancer model should be called "Galant Fortis"(which in Latin means powerful, bold, brave). This is part of the new Sedan auto class, with a higher level of safety, performance a comfort, all these being adopted at international level. These characteristics include an extremely rigid platform which is behaving very well in eventual accidents, a new 2 liter engine with aluminium cylinders that offers a higher power and a medium consumption of fuel, an exterior that combines sportiness with elegance and a lot of interior space, very well distributed.The developing of the concept for the new "Lancer Evolution X" has predicted the new trend in Sedan vehicles with integral traction, that have a very good handling and full safety at high speed. The new model comes with the Super All Wheel Control function that integrates systems for the control of traction, handling, a great management for the brake control on all 4 wheels, all these bringing the car attitude and very good stability on the roads.Another new technology of the people at Mitsubishi Motors is the extremely performant 2.0 liter engine, turbo, very light, with the system MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control System), which has aluminium cylinders, all these characteristics being adapted to a manual gear box in six speeds which is essential for the resulted performance and fuel economy.The new Lancer Evolution will be available for sale in North America in the first quarter of 2008.

  • i want this car

    ill have it mine in the near future

    i promise it very nice

  • i want this car

    ill have it mine in the near future

    i promise it

  • evo horror

    My dad has got a evo x FQ360 with a badge on it saying #3/#100!

  • little myo

    i like it very much.i am very crazy in Mitsubishi brand.i want that company to open a showroom in Myanmar.Now, i am using Lancer GLX. very good i like it. I would like to drive all series of Lancer and Evolution . My life will be perfect while i am driving it.

  • nadeem

    Lancer EVO is really a power car ever build by MMC.

  • hey babe

    i love u so much ya 5ara

  • jone

    its a nice and sexy car

  • borat1211

    Bigboy5668 Says:
    October 12th, 2010 at 7:19 am

    Very cool car, but I want a LAMBO

    oh really, you want a lambo? lol watch this video, its an evo 8 beating a murcielago =P

  • will

    i agree mr. corvette its a chick car

  • Very cool car, but I want a LAMBO

  • Dear Sir(s)…
    Mitsubishi is an excellent car …….. success forever for u.