2011 WheelsandMore Mercedes Benz SLR

If there’s anything someone is looking for a car is its speed. Most people love a fast car and the Mercedes-Benz SLR can be one of them. With a horse power of seven-hundred and thirty (730hp), this baby gives nearly anyone looking for a fast car a smile on their face.

Such power is achieved by upgrading its software system which aids a customized pulley that is tailored to the handmade exhaust structure, sport mediums, contending manifolds, and mufflers with detachable regulator flaps. In addition to this upgrade, its performance is also improved by using a 6Sporz light optimized forged three-piece wheels with a size of 9,0x20 inch at the front and 11,5x20 inch at the rear.

Along with its array of lightweight parts is an extra-light aluminum alloy coil cover that saves 30% of extra weight. High-end power partnered with optimized lightweight parts, this car would make any driver ride like the wind.

  • thats what we call a punch on the road

  • sabs

    sexy car man..!!!

  • pakman

    dude that is an awesome car and im a big SLR fan

  • Dj duck

    finaly there is a new SLR, i have been waiting for it. i gonna buy this car, in May 😀

  • Michael

    thats a nice slr

  • Jurrayy

    Wheelsandmore makes some sick cars, congrats to you wheelsandmore