2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS

German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled its new four-dour coupe – the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS. The four-door coupe concept is relatively new, as the Mercedes-Benz introduced it in 2004 that made other luxury car makers emulating the design.

The next generation 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS's four-seat arrangement extends the full length of the cabin. Interior might look like the plush E-class or S-class. For the platform and mechanical hardware, the CLS will have the same as with other Mercedes-Benz sedans. This stylish four-coupe's front end has the notable upright grille and sectioned-off headlights; while the rear end has shapelier design. As for the engine, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS will be available with a new 3.5L direct-injection V6 with 292HP. Also offered are twin-turbocharged 5.5L V8 with 388HP, plus an AMG version with the all-new 6.2L twin-turbo V8 with 525HP.

  • raja sarraf

    i love mercedse beng

  • Samuel RIKPOSSOU


  • This is super cool one.

  • Mr.Corvette

    i saw one of these the other day

  • mercedse-benz have cool carsssssssssssssssss

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    i don’t like it very much, but it is better than the 2011 Audi a7 sportback 🙂

  • Mr.Corvette

    i like the front part but not the back

  • I like this one 🙂 Looks godd, and drives good…I guess 🙂

  • A man

    the old CLS looks better. maybe this is faster than the old one 🙂