2011 FAB-Design Mercedes SLS AMG

One of the Swiss tuner companies, FAB-Design, has started working with AMG Mercedes SLS to provide an exclusive product. The vision of the company is to offer a more creative and personalized vehicle, they have had to come up with a more pronounced version of a wing-door. The automobile has a rear apron integrated with a diffuser in the same way the front spoiler lip is vertically situated with daylight driving light. The rear is perfectly assembled with a protruding, boosting rear spoiler. An FAB stainless steel sports exhaust with four end pipes is seen as well at the rear, allowing the gases to go booming and produce echoing.

However, the driver may also choose a silent escape of gases through the integrated valve steer. Side skirts made of carbon fiber improved the aerodynamics of Mercedes. An additional sporty sensation is the 3-part Evoline complete wheels, measuring 20 inches each. A fitting suspension set allows for added maneuverability.

  • Jakob

    if i were to be offered this car, then i would take it and drive it and never stop.
    i would kiss the guy who offered it to me. 50,000,000 times

  • Dj duck


  • Michael

    i like this car and all but the rims,no they need to put different ones on there.

    • Agreed, the rims are ugly. It’s hard to improve on Mercedes anyway. But making a change for the sake of change is risking ugly.

  • Mr.Corvette

    mercedes is sweet

  • mohammad reza

    if have best site please email me

  • Dj duck

    just not cool, it look like it has an box in the front

  • jinxing

    just cool