Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Racing Car

The production of Mercedes Benz CLK CTR started in 1997,25 cars were built for Gt1. The 6 L(6800) V12 engine engages 612 horsepower at 6500 rpm, and the top speed is 200 mph, (340 km/h).
The super car uses a six speed manual transmission and it can reach a speed of 60 mph in 3,8 seconds. Another variant of Mercedes Benz Clk Gtr was a 7,3 V12 similar with other super cars like Zonda or Ferrari.

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

  • heather

    this car is beast. its a fast car and it good to have around for looks. if you know what im saying

  • Michael

    This is a legendary supercar its a propper supercar and not only that it ran along side the McLaren f1 that is the most legendary car ever and its good in every way and this clk gtr is a well made car and its a really nice car but it costs $1,430,000 and it has 624hp i don’t know what the top speed is but i don’t care its an amazing car.

  • it doesnt matter on how ugly the car is from the outside. Its a rarity and a true masterpiece. a work of art from the inside to the out. and it is very advance for its time.


    very ugly car. im so disappointed in mercedes? do they have to use this face?