Caparo T1 Only 500 KG

The Caparo T1 is an amazing super car,it has a weight of 500 kg and is powered by a 500 hp engine,1000 BHP per tonne ratio.The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,5 seconds with a max speed of 200 mph.

  • Very… Lightweight. In fact, so lightweight Bugatti Veyron SSs will be losing the record.

  • this is the fastest car i seen so far

  • Guyd it does look faster than the bugatti by the discription

  • tom

    looks like F1 car i want 1 for the pure adrenaline of it, how much is it

  • Michael

    oh its street legal alright and its a very dangerous car but its cool

    • I agree is very deliket but 1 of the most best handeling cars in the world

      all though… I think I know someone who has one

      Johnney Leberman I think he has it

  • u wish it did if it did it will be on the world record /;