2010 Maybach DRS Concept Design

An economy-conscious world, in danger of running out of resources, is in need of technological breakthroughs and innovations. One of these is a vehicle believed to be of the future, the Maybach DRS – “Den-Riki-Sha” (electric powered rickshaw). Though run by electric power this is one fast car.

This vehicle uses an electric motor that is placed in its wheel hubs, which of course runs on battery and is controlled by an onboard computer that is connected into a city’s transport communications. In case the battery runs out an alternative source of power is available, in this case that alternative power is man power.

The Maybach DRS has a pedal in which the driver can use to provide additional force or power. With the use of electric power and alternative method of manufacturing, opening a new source of energy, together with an wide range of ease and safety options, not to mention its elegant designs this car is indeed a new way to travel.

  • D car sure luk lik an egg but wats d performance gon,n b lik

  • Lman

    What’s this a space craft

  • Finally. A marvelous technological concept. Just hoping this comes out early.

  • nicky

    i know dis car is hot but would it come out it look cool to drive but would it work

  • ron

    dude. this thing is pretty sick, i would totally drive it to school. but how would you run people over?

  • david

    this thing looks awesome u people have no taste

  • Cody

    i agree with 2,4,7…this thing sucks

  • josh lemonhead

    how would you get out if you where hadicap

  • Netthai

    its like drivng around in a egg

  • I believe being open minded to change is needed to accept this concept and design. one has to appreciate evolution in it’s entirety. I like the car.

  • Syclone

    I am normaly light judging cars but that thing is dumb

  • glenzky

    unrealistic…but awesome design..

  • Michael

    that thing is awsome

  • pakman

    WTF this thnig is ugly it looks liek an egg on wheels