Lincoln Navigator Full-size Luxury


The Navigator is produced by Lincoln,and the third generation of Navigator was shown at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show,when the car was compared with Cadillac Escalade,another full size luxury,but the Navigator 2007 it has more power.(22 horsepower).The Lincoln Navigator is uses a 5,4 l V8 engages 300 horsepower with an six speed automatic transmission.The car is priced at $58000(standard model),but with more features on it,can reach $90000.

  • Ford has to give much importance to Lincoln models too; small car sales are increasing day by day, I hope they come up something similar r more refined models like Fiesta with Lincoln too.

  • the excellent towing power does the thing for the model. the overall outlook is excellent too.the blog here is really descriptive and enticing.great work.

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    rubbish #### car

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    Love it. it is not as cool as the H2 but it is still very cool 😀

  • A man

    it looked very cool in that xxx2: the next level 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    Escalades are cooler, but Navigators are also pretty cool 😀

  • corvhini

    escalades are better in my opinion…

  • A man

    this car are so much better than any Range rover in the world 😀

  • dre dogg

    F*** you Michael, go to hell. this is one of the coolest suv’s ever made and the Escalade is also very cool. i want one of these, and then i gonna put some 24″ rims one it. American cars are the BEST 😀