2012 Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA just announced its new supercar – the 2012 Lexus LFA. The two-seat exotic sports coupe is powered with a 4.8L V10 engine which generates 552HP at 8,700 rpm; and 354 pound-feet of torque at 6,800 rpm. It’s a really sophisticated, really classy vehicle. This supercar's transmission is a unique six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox with an ultra-quick gear shift.

The 2012 Lexus LFA accelerates from 0-60mph in a whooping 3.6 seconds. As for top speed, it can reach 202 mph because of its dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), high-volume 12-hole injectors, equal length exhaust manifold, and low-friction engine components. To gain more speed, the 2012 Lexus LFA is made lightweight. It features a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) for its bodywork and chassis for a lighter and structure that’s considerably more impact-resistant. This exotic sports coupe has a base price of $375,000, not including shipping and handling fees.

  • Big DreDre

    hey gama this car is that priced because its a luxury super car!
    lambo might look good but its shaped like a super sport car
    this car is ment to look like, sound, and feel like a luxury car while going 200 mph
    dont be stupid dude please think a little bit

  • clack chas nakhordey


  • GamaLamda

    omfg 375,000$ for a mere 560hp?thats what i call oveprice..why not get a real Supercarar like Aventador with 700hp that is more sexier and faster car?
    even with a Skyline GTR 2012 Black Edition i would be more satisfied.it has almost same specs -does 0-60 in 2.9-,it cost $89,492-$95,100 and you can share it with more than 1 people since it got backseats.and if it can’t compete with LFA and has lower specs,well *uck that little thing,i save around 280,000$ to buy another car,probably Ford GT again with almost same specs with LFA and still i would save around 130,000$..still i win

  • chewbacca




  • this car is aight i aint all dat to me but ill say its the s*&^ compared to porsches and other crap. also im writing a book and the zr1 is in there mr corvette im with you

  • Michael

    thats a nice ride

  • McLaren Man

    I can also say yes with a V10 engine this LFA should be able to go 225, but with the bulkiness of the vehicle and the limiter, the won,t go that fast, unless the limiter is removed and the luxury is removed as well, and to be honest the Corvette has cheap luxury, American luxury compared to import, exspensive, real luxury materials, like real carbo fiber, nice leather, with suade, and actual Sat.Navigation, ( not OnStar crap ), no offense, so when it comes to luxury the Corvette in my opinion doesn’t hold a candle.

  • McLaren Man

    The Corvette is a nice car, but in my opinion a Corvette is more of an extreme muscle car, not a supercar, yes it can go about 215mph without limiter, but it is still to the core a mucle car, the LFA is a supercar at the lowist level, meaning it is on the same stage as an Audi R8 V10, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo, (baby supercars so to speak) but I am a big fan of Corvettes because of the raw power, and great looks.

  • The LFA is one of my favorite cars, I just love the sound of the engine, its the closet sound to a Formula one car. I hope to see one in person some day.

  • V8 guy

    Corvette will have more luxury than this and Corvette is just as fast as this. so Corvette is the best car ever made 😀

  • properly super cars that are ofcourse an expensive stuff…why are people so craxzy about sports models or super cars? because they not just carry you but your degnity, your style and your special factor does show up when you are driving it..its an incredible feeling

  • james edward cooper 3

    I think Lexus oughta treat me a little better, and gi me one a dees!
    I, do like and, enjoy looking at the new lexus, cause as you can see, a brotha funds is kinda on da low, low. but golly gee! I am already ready for one of those exquisite designs from, and for lexus. you know, cause dem is like fried chicken! ummm I just love fried chicken! umm chicken!

  • Mr.Corvette

    corvettes are all about power. this is just another jap car with good look and a crappy engine. with a V10 you should be able to go 225 or more

  • CommonSense

    Corvettes are not even close to as nice as this car. A corvette may have raw power over this car but thats not the only thing that effects a cars price. I guarantee you that this car is more comfortable to ride in. Also this car has a sophistication that is lacked in the Corvette. Maybe none of these things matter to you then buy the Corvette but I thought I would fill you in on this cars standings compared to a Corvettes.
    P.S. This cars V10 is no doubt twice as smooth a Corvettes V8. It’s a matter of luxury.

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    no car can be as good as the Corvette. this LFA is just the new supra, only with another name 🙂

  • Mr.Corvette

    GT-R isn’t even close to being has good as the Corvette ZR1 🙂

  • It’s pricey but I like vvti’s, more power less gas but yes it’s one expensive car.

  • LFA sucks even though it was helped by Toyota. I perfer the Nissan GT-R over this. The GT-R is like 3rd of the price. same thing as corvette.

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    Mr. Corvette, i don’t like you but i agree with you. American cars like Corvette and viper can do the job better than any other European car, and also for less money. now to the Lexus, i don’t like it, it is not what you expect a Japanese car should be. a Japanese car is some thing like Toyota supra and the Mitsubishi evo. it is a car that you can put bodykit on and just tune it to go really fast. so no happy smiley for this 🙁

  • Mr.Corvette

    nice lookin, but the corvette can do everything better than the LFA at a 3rd of the price and with a V8

  • joe dimachio

    expensive crap