2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

As a car maker, Lamborghini has made a name for itself for its extreme cars that never holds back in pursuit of maximum performance. They always turn out with finely crafted vehicles that are distinctively theirs, may it be on production models or with prototypes. While it’s the production models that get all the accolades, the prototypes are just as desirable, if not more. One prototype that has just been released is the 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Supercar Est. Price: $2,500,000.00
Engine: V10 Horsepower: 570 HP
Transmission: 6-Speed e-gear Maximum Seating: 2 people
0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds Maximum Speed: 186 mph

It is equipped with a V10 engine that is capable of producing 570 horsepower. Now that may not sound much, but if you’ll consider the weight of this car, it is more than enough to produce unprecedented speed. It goes from zero-to-100 kilometers (62 mph) per hour pegged at 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 180 miles an hour; this is a supercar in every sense of the word. The full time 4 wheel drive system ensures superb traction and stability even at high speeds. All these components, coupled with the light weight, make this car handle nimbly, accelerate viciously, and brake with conviction.


Sesto Elemento sounds like a very radical name. When exploring this car, you will realize that this name is appropriate. Sesto Elemento roughly translates into sixth element, which if you’ll look into the periodic table, it is carbon. When you look at the credentials of this concept, you’ll realize that it is aptly named. Lamborghini named this car because it is predominantly constructed out of carbon fiber. In fact, this car probably possesses the most technologically advanced carbon fiber structure around.

Using the technological expertise of Lamborghini in carbon fiber technology, this car is the product of Lamborghini’s mastery of the complete carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) process. From simulation, validation, production, and testing, all these are covered using their state of the art process that turns out high quality products.

The monocoque chassis of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept is made of carbon fiber, as well as the front frame, wheels, body panels, suspension components, and propeller shaft, just to name a few. This adds up to create an extremely light weight vehicle at 2200 pounds, a ridiculous number considering that cars seem to weigh more and more every year.

It has been confirmed that the 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept will make it into production as a made to order product. In fact, only 5 or 10 models are scheduled to be built, with a price tag of 2.5 million Euros. Unbelievably exclusive, but worth the price tag. This is no ordinary car, even under Lamborghini standards. It is an automotive showcase of epic proportions. Its performance, style, and exclusivity are off the charts, and just might be the sign of Lamborghini’s future.

  • cameron walton

    why buy a lamborghini sesto elemento for 2m when you can buy a hennessey venom gt for half the price it can do 270.4 and its road legal the sesto isnt its a race car/show car who ever buys a sesto is a idiot U CANT USE IT!!!

    • cameron walton

      i would rather have a subaru impeaza wrx than that

  • This is one of the few cars that can truly defeat a Veyron SS in a drag race.

    Hope Lamborghini makes a 1200 hp version of the Diablo, and then call it Diablo GT, then use carbon fiber.

    The Veyron will be running scared…

  • 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

    Where did they find that pick???!!!

  • Mr.tipitin

    looks so in the future that it looks ugly

  • ScuderiaMan

    From Lambo’s website, it looks like the Sesto Elemento will be put into production. 20 will be made, for track use only (not road legal). Price? Over a million, for sure.

    Looks a bit like a hot wheels fantasy car, to be honest.

  • fake price I bought it for €2,159,999.99.

  • faizel

    This car is like some people would say its like an acquired taste every body won’t have it you need to your cars to love this beauty. Lamborghini boy for life.

  • fas fasil

    Oh man……. it’s looking mmm.. haaaaaaaa

  • my friends i have never seen a lambo this hot more slicker then the murcielago. curvier than the gallardo its like all the cars amallgamated togather to make one beautiful masterpeice

  • kyle

    Dam this car is HOT!

  • Justin Case

    you guys are lame

  • Karan Singh Wilkho

    This car looks like a more curvy and edgey Lamborghini Gallardo.

  • jojosantiagothecanadian

    basicly a reventon with EVEN MORE SHARP CURVES

  • daniel ocker

    my buggati kicks this lamborginis but at everything

  • yaksy

    lambo b ghini datz hot


  • diasmon

    i would change some lines, but compared to Reventon, this one is a more beautifull “stealth” design… i’m a fan of Gallardo, and this one is good improvement! IMHO 🙂

  • danny-fly-guy

    I love the killer lambo’s eg Murcielago lp640 Diablo, and the Countach, not so sure of this one.. Its not scary enough.. Looks like a kite, not a bull, its top speed and 0-60 time will determine its rank in my book… Ps the names too chemistry like!! Ciesto elemento???

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    i wonder how fast it goes

  • Michael

    to pointy

  • Mr.Corvette

    it looks like it has shards of metal coming out of it

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    this is amazing

  • Pierce

    I like lamborghini, but i think they could do better 2010

  • corvhini

    Now there just trying to hard

  • Mr.Corvette

    it looks good but it also looks bad