Lamborghini Espada, a True Four-Seater

Motoring enthusiasts marveled at the Lamborghini Espada when it was introduced in 1968 to fill the role of a true four-seater in the Lamborghini sports car stable. This grand tourer’s original fittings included a V12 engine of 4.0L 325 bhp (242 kW), four-wheel disc brakes and fully independent suspension. Its gearing is rather unusual at 3 ratios of drive, 1 and reverse. The Lamborghini Espada likewise was the introduction platform for the first automatic transmissions that could absorb a large sporting V12’s torque.
Lamborghini Espada
There were three series of Espadas that went into production. These are: the S1 series, which was manufactured from 1968 to 1970, the S2 from 1979 to 1972 and the S3 from 1972 to 1978. There were engine power improvements in each series, and dramatic alterations in the interiors. Only minor details were touched in the exteriors. For the S2, entirely new steering wheel and dashboard were installed, which were again redone in the S3. Optional power steering was offered in 1970, followed by an option automatic transmission offer in 1974. US safety standards required impact bumpers to be installed in the Lamborghini Espada in 1975, leading some people to believe that it is a S4 series although Lamborghini did not have such a design in mind. A total of 1217 Lamborghini Espada units were manufactured before it was phased out in 1978.