Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

The Lamborghini Ankonian concept car is based on a design by Slavche Tanevski, a member of the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project. The Ankonian is named after a famous black haired bull, continuing the Lamborghini tradition of bovine recognition.

In a deviation from the usual styling cues found in supercars, the Ankonian is a bit downsized, with a cab backward design reminiscent of grand touring vehicles. The supercar vibe of the design was created via a combination of soft and angular lines. Taking cues from the Reventon, the aim of the design is to be aggressive and elegant at the same time. In an aim to be more environmentally responsible, the design is scaled down to be more compact.

Taking approximately 6 months to develop, the design was created with the use of clay modeling over the newer CAD modeling method. The length of the time committed to this project, in addition to the cooperation of designers from Audi and Lamborghini, ensured that this car comes out with a fully matured and polished design. The lights are placed in areas one wouldn’t normally expect, contributing to the extreme appearance of the car, regardless if the car is viewed from the front or back.

  • mike

    Looks like a dried up turd… ugly and no stats.

  • Alfred ( the butler)

    i am sorry sir, but the company wont allow it to be in the movie. But they say the aventador will be allowed….

  • Lman

    This car looks amazing

  • is this what lamborghini has best to offer

  • Lakhan

    This is the car i had ever seen in my life. I hope this will be fast then bugatti. I realy liked this sexy.

  • Me

    Lamborghini eco-friendly? ha, all high horsepower engines get, like 10 mpg….

  • I hope that car will be fast and has a cheap price.

  • Just joking

  • I got it when I was 99 years old.
    Ha ha

  • Hello I got one for my mum too.
    It is lampinghni. Not a Lamborghini.
    Ha, ha!

  • I have already got one it was cheap
    Should get one!

  • lp550

    this is a batmobile…………….isn’t it?

  • lambofreak405

    i think dr.troll is right……the first picture is photoshoped cuz the tire mark is too dark nd the 2nd is originally a pic of the lamborghini reventon…..they replaced the car so theres no such thing as a lamborghini ankonian

  • Looks like Lambo’s starting to go super. And I mean super for superhero. They made this for Batman? Can’t they make something for Spidey? Or Venom? Or Carnage? Or possibly, Wonder Woman?


  • The Rich Guy!!!

    mmwwaa ha ha ha Ive had this car for a year now I guess its okay lol……I wish!!!! I would do anything for this car!!!

  • This is the most insane and awesome car dat i have seen in my entire life…its so sexy and curvy… if it were a female i wud marry her
    Hell YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the most insane and awesome car dat i have seen in my entire life…its so sexy and curvy… if it were a female i wud marry her

  • squidwid

    Guys this car is real… i mean for real

  • Dr. Troll

    Welcome to the fictional world of photoshop, kids.

  • bill

    it look like aspace ship to future ristic

  • Mr.tipitin

    how much $ and is lamborgini making space shuttles now

  • Jim Bob


  • Posh

    Foresight on Lambo’s part. With the world ending in 2012, they completely nailed the post-apocalyptic marauder car. Cobble a flamethrower, a wicked brush bar with spikes on it, and a few guns and such on it and voila!

    Welcome to THUNDERDOME!

  • Connoseur

    This car is dreadful. some of the lines are nice. but i hate the rest. the backside looks rushed, and it really does scream 5-10 year old wanna-be Batmobile. The front has something going for it however.

  • david

    this a nice looking concept

  • Ian

    it’s the BATMOBILE!!!

  • bryin


  • D car-ate kid

    This is the most insane and awesome car dat i have seen in my entire life…its so sexy and curvy… if it were a female i wud marry her

  • Jimmy

    i dont really like it. it just looks too wierd.

  • Chao Abhilash Rajkhowa

    Cool,i think it will b d greatest car of d future

  • looks like some kind of friking stealth jet

  • nightrider

    sexy car!!!

  • matt

    i do not like this car. at all. what has happened here. three words for lamborghini: what the hell?!

  • Zachary

    My Grandpa bought one of these!

  • Master chief s117

    This is the stupidest car have ever seen it looks only a stupid dagger would buy this

  • aidan

    new batmobile

  • anna frys

    hello I want this one also! looks prety i would be batgirl:)

  • squaker123

    I hate when i see a nice car like this one and its a concept!

  • “Unknown”


  • Losezero

    this car like batman car

  • Eze

    this car gives me an orgasm everytime i look at it

  • AronMeech

    I’ll buy it&I’ll drive it just to different!

  • Tyler

    Batman’s new Batmobile…who’s with me?!

  • Go MIni

    This car looks like the Bat Mobile

  • I’m torn – it looks like a stealth fighter on wheels, but I’m not sure I really see it as a drivable car. Can’t decide if I love it or hate it. 🙂

  • nicedeejay

    God! dis is a nice car pls provide 4 me so dat i can buy it! Am also a mechanical eng. But dis is a great job.

  • shockwave

    if this car comes to market and i have enough money I WILL BE THE FIRST MAN ON THE LINE to buy this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s just too cool!looks like a rapter but will it feel like flying one??

  • mike

    god, this car i ugly as HELL