Growing With the Lamborghini 400GT

The Lamborghini 400GT is a follow-through of the successful launching of the first Lamborghini sports car, the 350GT. Motoring enthusiasts got their first glimpse of the Lamborghini 400GT in the 1966 Geneva show. This 2+2-seated sports car, compared to its predecessor, has increased power of 320 bhp (239 kW) coming from a larger engine of 3929 cc (240 c.i.). The Lamborghini 400GT also has a longer wheel base and larger body shape to accommodate two seats at the back of the car, in contrast to the 350GT which only has room enough for luggage or one seat at the rear. The two model’s roof lines were also markedly different as some sheet metal changes were made in the later model.
Lamborghini 400GT
The Lamborghini 400GT has a vastly improved drive-train after Porsche-style synchromesh was adopted in all its gears which incorporated a Lamborghini-designed gear box. There are several variations of the Lamborghini 400GT. Twenty-three of these smaller 400GT variants were manufactured sporting the four-liter V12 engine of the Lamborghini 350 GT, with three having aluminum bodies. There was also a one-off version of the Lamborghini 400GT called the 400GT Monza supposedly ordered as an American racing entry for Le Mans. All in all, 247 units of the Lamborghini 400GT were manufactured from 1966 to 1968, after which it was succeeded by the Lamborghini Islero.