2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Super cars and sports cars have already been all too familiar to us that upon hearing one, a spark of interest is seldom raised. Yes, many different companies such as Ferrari and Porsche are still on the top of the super cars and sports cars manufacturing chain but as insatiable human beings we are in a constant search for something better. This year, super cars and sports cars are a thing of the past as hyper cars enter the scene. You heard that right, hyper cars are the new show stopper. Lamborghini has recently launched yet another hyper car. The 2012 lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4.


In terms of its performance, the company has already stated that the V12 engine will be the only thing to provide power into this hyper car but a newer, more legendary engine than the previous V12 engine. It now comes with AWD layout and 6.5 liter V12 engine which then produces 700 horsepower. This is the newest engine Lamborghini has made since they released the Countach.

It has a whopping 700 horsepower engine which can go from 0-62 mph in a matter of 2.9 seconds - faster than its predecessors and competitors which take about 3.6 seconds to reach that speed. The new Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 4 is the new attention grabbing, sleek model from Lamborghini that is sure to take the car industry by storm. This new model is named after the bull that entered a battle in 1993 in Saragossa Arena and earned the title of Trofeo de la Pena La Madronera due to its incomparable courage. Indeed, this new model will take the road with courage to go up and compete with the many super cars and sports cars already making a name in the industry.

Exterior & interior

The exterior of this model is designed with intricate aerodynamics calculations to make it move faster but retain handling and maneuverability. It has a 4-degree angle approach which is maximized on high speed and supports stability in moving in different directions upon reaching the top end of a spectrum. While the 11-degree tilts helps maximize stability and handling and at the same time carries on midrange speeds, significantly greater down force.

At the front part of this car, it gets better air guide further accentuated by frames that are glossy and black, and headlights that are bi-xenon made. These headlights spread starting from the middle and another set of LED lights operates the turn signals. Customers were happy to hear that they have options on the car’s exterior colors. There are 13 colors to choose from and different color effects such as pastel metallic, matte, and pearlescent.

Interior-wise, a hyper car cannot get more hi-tech than this. The new instrumentation gauges used in this model resembles those used on jet planes with LCD screens displaying instrumentations in your car while another independent system and LCD screen controls the navigation functions of this model and the stereo. The sleek leather material of the seats is made with a single color with contrasting stitching available in many different colors.

This car is the extreme when it comes to design, technology, performance and standards. Lamborghini is setting new highs in terms of standards and design in the industry of hyper cars.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe-Midsize Est. Price: $379,700.00
Engine: 6.5L V12 Horsepower: 700 HP
Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic-Manual Maximum Seating: 2 people
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds Best Speed: 220 mph (354 km/h)

  • kaustubh

    This bull is the best and can just cover 270 kmph in just 57sec . . . . . . . . .
    This bull is a thunder bolt. . . . . . .

  • kaustubh

    This bull is the best and can just cover 270 kmph in just 1min 26se

  • StephenBT chikaonda

    Diggin’ the ride!

  • Ninad

    IT is avery nice car

  • its good but a noble m600 can beat it

  • Shublamo

    My favourite. And think who ever watching this. It’s his or ner favourite too.

  • Raceman

    This thing is awesome

  • this can be faster than ferrari enzo

  • lambofreak405

    this should be nicknamed ‘the beast of lamborghini’

  • takudzwa lloyd joshua matsokotere

    this is by far a living work of greatness

  • bob

    look a fast car look at the colour

  • I must admit that I really hate the color Orange, but…

    This orange is the best of all the oranges I’ve seen. Maybe Lamborghini can make it run on orange juice too?

  • axel blaze

    Man! It is my dream car i loved it so much than other things i am sure one day i will have one! So wait for me.

  • The Aventador (In my opinion) is up to par with the Reventon. But like RJ said it’s not as exclusive as the Reventon (only 20 units were made of the Reventon). But the performance you get for the price is really good. I mean the Reventon has a CLAIMED top speed of 211mph and the Aventador has a CLAIMED top speed of 217mph. As for 0-62 acceleration the Aventador takes 2.9 seconds and the Reventon 3.4. (Keep in mind that’s 0-62mph not 0-60mph there may be a slight difference) So the Aventador does perform better in that aspect. And for about $600,000 cheaper it may be a better purchase. But the main reason the Reventon was created was for it’s exclusiveness and the pride in owning one. Oh and about the Aventador top speed, it just recently go to 230mph! Don’t believe me watch it at my website. (click the link Auto Nut)

  • me

    cool my bro lurvez it

    :@ Ascari for beating lambo and now they’re not!!!

  • Bob

    Pitty lamborghini is falling back alot it was just in 2005 it was the fastest car now its the 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate this this is not right lamborghini i beg you to please show up and show them what you are actually made off let’s take the competion to them!!!!!

  • chewbacca

    the dagger gt is a concept model for a real car its not made yet:)

  • nav

    suk ur mum thts not trueee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

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  • monment killer


  • This car is cool Reventon is better though.

  • Michael

    the murcielago series of lamborghini is the best

  • me

    yall are stupid lambo is the best car ever!

  • C.L

    hmm… faster
    217 mph

  • gbkvkg

    my grandmother’s car is better than that

  • RJ

    I understand why this doesn’t perform like the Reventon because the Reventon is an insainly exsclusive car that’s more than 1 million dollars. I’m sure the Aventador won’t be as exsclusive and of course isn’t as expensive which is why it doesn’t perform like the Reventon.

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  • mj

    my derem car sins i was 5 and i am 14

  • justin boob oooo hhhhaaaaaaa\

    my car lol futuer love it

  • Raging Bull

    if reventon got 221mph with 641bhp,why aventador just got 217mph??? i think aventador’s real v-max is more than reventon’s.i say 229mph.

  • Michael

    i agree anthony

  • penguen

    man, i will have this car before i die and lambos will always be # 1

  • Anthony

    All this car needs now is a complete manual transmission. E-gear just spoil all the fun. Stick shift is the way to go always

  • Bayerische Motoren Werke

    I hate it how no1 knows how to spell bugatti…

  • Adel

    OMG…..i’ve got a 2006 Gallardo, i was thinking of buying a ferrari but i’ve changed my mind

  • chewbacca

    its true

  • car guy

    i hate how everyone loves buggati (veyron), it sucks at turning, its fat, and they cost more to make than how much you buy them for

  • sam

    awesomeeeeeee cars mannnnn

  • Michael

    this car is not that attractive to me because its not as pretty as a murcielago lp670-4 SV because when i heard on top gear that theres going to be a replacment for the murcielago i did’nt know it would look this bad especialy the back end disappointed of lamborginhi but i like the color and the wheels and intierior

  • MiLi

    It is the same as the Revantor, but the Avantor is faster an cheper. But why is it not on your list.

  • Payton

    Bugatti Is Better!! Just Saying..

  • This car is sick! i would take this car over any ferrari. Ferrari is nothing campared to this. 🙂

  • Viral gajjar

    I love this car and in future i’ll buy the lamborghini’s car.

  • i want lamborghini Cnossus in the future

  • Lenard

    Cnossus is more nicer than that
    coz its the future in…..

  • Kaushik

    this is the coolest car in the whole universe… wish i cud hv one of dese!!!

  • I want tis car when I grow up it is awsome.

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  • jojo santago the canadian

    this is going to come out soon

  • Adam

    Epic car