2008 Lamborghini Estoque Concept

A Lamborghini like no other around: a four-door sports car that sticks solemnly to its creed. The Lamborghini Estoque concept has everything that is specified to be one: extreme, uncompromising and unmistakably Italian, it can bring a whole new versatility to the brand’s DNA – with its four seats and ample luggage space.

The Lamborghini Estoque is a study, a concept created for the 2008 Salon Automobiles in Paris. The Lamborghini has established its throne in a new catergory of super sports sedans. Equipped with a powerful front mid-engine, permanent all-wheel drive and a sophisticated, precision-tuned chassis, the Lamborghini Estoque boasts its unique technology package.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept

The front end of a Lamborghini Estoque is a clear and unambiguous statement of its sports car credentials. Its place among the line of Lamborghini super sports cars is distinct and unquestionable – seen with its swooping V-shape, its two large air intakes pulled forward and in between.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept side view

  • esafseafg

    i have one just got it 🙂

  • jak

    make that thats well nice

  • Steve

    It looks like a great car, but it really does not look like a Lamborghini

  • Vicky

    An awesome car. Looks very bouyant and flashy. Will love to ‘fly’ in one.

  • Gallardoblack94

    This is awesome. It is the best sedan i’ve ever seen, it’s very lambo. How much will it be?

  • wow, gotta be a great family hauler… I want one of those. If it comes out which it will like the camaro and lexus lfa concept cars did, i gotta get it. Best family hauler i’ve seen since Maesarati Gran Turismo S. I just love this car. I never would of imagined lamborghini making a car with more then 2 seats or especially 1 door… speaking of doors, i wonder what this ones like? still vertical lambo doors??? suicide doors??? or regular sedan doors. I suggest it is still lambo doors since it has no handle bars. Kids dont break the doors!!! xD

  • mitchellcraig

    WOW!a lambo thats not well…. lamborghini

  • dre dogg

    i don’t like it, the Porsche panamera are way better than this. i don’t like euorpean cars 🙂