2011 Koenigsegg Agera

The 2011 Koenigsegg Agera was launched in celebration of the car manufacturer’s 15 years of existence.

It is expected to be the best-ever performing Koenigsegg car ever, both on the road and on the tracks although still bearing fresh traces of the original shape and concept of the Koenigsegg CC which was crafted 15 years earlier.

Koenigsegg believes that only the tires should be between the car and the road, that super cars are no better than the tires they use. For many years Koenigsegg has been collaborating with Michelin in the area of tire development. The latest creation stays true to that philosophy and is setting new standards in overall performance, both in wet and dry handling.

The car’s excellent balance comes from the fact that the front of the car is as wide as its rear. Because of the balanced corners, body roll is minimized. Agera also boasts of the latest in braking technology with the introduction of an ABS system in their models. The result is incredible braking performance in all track and road conditions.

On regular petrol, the twin-turbo engine, featuring optimized breathing, can generate an output of 910 hp. This sports car has a lot of other advanced features that make it unique in its own class.

  • SERIOUSLY? The Mercedes-Benz 2012 SL65 AMG comes with V-12 with Twin-Turbo that produce 1015hp MORE THEN THIS

  • One of best supercar…

  • What they need is to beat Bugatti in the aspect of grip, because to me, any car with smaller bhp than its competition will be able to out-maneuver it with extreme grip. Koenigsegg should request Michelin for even grippier tires.

    I swear I will help them do 800 mph someday.

  • declanbinks

    thAT NOT true !!!!!!!!!!

  • Big DreDre

    @bugatti This car actually is more improved and the top speed is almost at the bugatti by a few mph and the bugatti has bad aerodynamics
    it has so much air pushing the frontit looks like a kid designed it

  • Michael

    Yes the veyron has more hp and a higher top speed but this is way more areodynamic veyrons don’t even have a supercar look in first place they just don’t pop in your face like this does

  • don’t get buggati mad dj guy

  • Ageratos

    If you tune-up the agera to run on bio-fuel, you get a staggering 910+ hp.

  • BugattiAllTheWay

    The Veyron has high horsepower, top speed, and better aerodynamics.

  • BugattiAllTheWay

    @Dj nutella No way man.

  • JakeTheSnake

    I love this car, my fave!

  • Dj nutella

    it look like a fast car, a car there can beat the Veyron in a drag race