2010 Koenigsegg Agera

If there was one word to describe the 2010 Koenigsegg Agera it would be timeless, just by studying it carefully, you may find it somehow hard to imagine that this supercar’s design and shape was a product of Swedish ingenuity over 15 years ago. But don’t let mere appearances fool you as this powerful vehicle is bound to give you a unique driving experience no matter if you’re on the road or on the track.

The Koenigsegg Agera features the best in braking technology as it makes use of an adjustable ABS system giving you reliable brakes regardless of what the road condition may be. The 4.7 V8 engine allows you to enjoy a top speed of 390 km/hr and an impressive acceleration, making this car a strong contender to become one of the best supercars of the time. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not practical as well as its new traction control adapts the car’s functionality to different driving styles and road conditions in a matter of milliseconds.

The Agera, derived from the Greek word ageretos which means ageless, is definitely one of those cars that all car fanatics should look out for, not just for its timelessness, but also for its capacity to seamlessly blend in with the future.

  • ramith

    what a amazing car 2010 Koenigsegg Agera wow.. i think no need to take bugatti ss.. this is so hot for guys …i like it..

  • this is a paradise gaddi

  • McLaren Man

    This thing even beats my f1!

  • Koenigsegg Is The Best

    Koenigsegg rules!!!!!!!!!!

  • Koenigsegg Is The Best

    Koenigsegg is so awesome!

  • Kijiki

    Can I humbly address it as the Marvellous Agera

  • Michael

    It goes 390kph so thats 242mph 1mph slower than the McLaren f1 you can even look it up it is the real speed test.

  • jojo santago the canadian

    my 16 fave car

  • dibly

    nice car i like its stripe but i like lamborghini balboni’s stripe

  • pakman

    this is a sweet car but the front end makes me think of the modeana ferrari

  • Fckdapolice

    it’s meh. A 6.9 liter v12 will be better for the car

  • Michael

    They say this is not going to be a good car to have because it has so much control but i don’t know the ccx is my koenigsegg.

  • aries

    i want this for 2011!

  • the bomb1023

    super car!!!!!!!!!! this is like one of my favorite cars in the world dont no one go around talkin trash about this car

    anyone know the price?

  • James Bond


  • Nate

    I agree this car is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TBY

    GREATEST CAR IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will

    I’m loving the way it looks. Truly “Agera”

  • Some people are so ignorant. You need to understand that the koenigsegg is the future in the automotive industry. when you look at a perfect car what do you think of? reliability?check. Fun to drive? check. extremely good looking? check. high performance?check. gorgeous, hi-tech interior?check.
    Christian koenigsegg is my idol.

  • not so interesting for me

  • Rob

    a koenigsegg with traction control!

  • it looks like an f430 with a mix of koeigsegg

  • ronnie

    i like it and it looks way better then a lamborghini and ferrari its fast and its a lot of money but if you want it you will bust your behind to get it

  • Nate

    O MY GOD

  • supercarfan

    Ok, here’s a thing, calling this thing like an American car is a disgrace, this thing is pure sweden power, can’t call that V8 engine an american engine, cause it’s swedish, so it’s a disgrace, I like American cars and this, but calling this car’s engine American is sick, and if you call the SLR’s V8 engine American, you people who think so are stupid