2010 Jaguar C-X75 Concept

The celebration of the historical 75 years of Jaguar and a glimpse at what the future holds for the automotive industry have lead to the birth of Jaguar C-X75. The design is patterned after a more poignant language harmonized with modern fashion with the use of outstanding technology and research. It boasts of its use of lightweight and recycled metals like aluminum, making the car weight-saving and environment-conscious. Its form and design speak for its highly efficient aerodynamics, the key to its acceleration up to 100 km/h within 3.4 seconds.

The C-X75 also caters what is comfortable to the driver through its electronically adjustable instrument binnacle, steering wheel and pedal box. This four-wheel drive car can also run for a 110-kilometer distance without emissions through the six hours-charged Lithium-ion batteries. The C-X75 is capable of producing immense amounts of grips and down-force because of its sleekness and compactness brought about by an underbody by Venturi and exhaust gas control.

  • rehan

    what a car Awesom how can i purchase yar

  • Michael

    some have been made

  • Even though this car will never be made, I’m sure Jaguar will implement some of the design/engineering aspects into its future lineup. However the prices will be more realistic and I’m guessing it will be more conducive to real-life use and more practical.

  • to bad it will never be made

  • tang ina ang ganda

  • Teddy

    I love this car it so hot.

  • Michael

    now that is how a jag should look like

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    it is to old and crap looking

  • Mikkel
  • Mr.Corvette

    the best british cars are Aston Martin

  • Dj duck

    that is ugly. the best british car is Bentley

  • Mr.Corvette

    looks alright