2010 Honda Air Concept Design

The coastal Honda Air and its concept design is Honda’s answer to the growing environment friendly sports car market of the modern day.

It is a cruiser designed for the bold and lively lifestyle with its compressed air and pneumatic regulator system engine for power, external air-flow and turbo vacuums for tank pressure regeneration for an extended range and boost for an estimated 100 miles. The chassis also functions as the master tank, and all components are mounted on the chassis to reduce car weight.

Other weight reduction features in the car include a hub-less drive and wheel system, urethane tires, glass reinforced seating panels and skeletal sub frame parts, which brings down the model’s weight to less than eight hundred pounds. The Honda Air’s structure is also designed maintains the human packaging of the roller coaster for a better open air experience, and for added safety of occupants, vegetable based polymer panels and fairings are added.

While further testing and development for the model is still under way, the car weighs under 800 lbs; in addition to the powerful pneumatic propulsion system, the new Honda Air aims to exemplify a zero emission and eco-minded car that is fun to drive.

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  • rj rock

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  • jchennedy

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  • Fernando

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  • Chandu

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  • pankaj

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  • jojosantiago the canadian

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  • pakman

    someboady need ot make these concepts real but this one can stay in the pages (atleat lexus and audi can bring their concepts out )

  • Dj duck

    this is the most ugly car Honda has ever made