Hennessey GT1000 Twin-Turbo

Hennessey Performance has taken us by surprise with a performance of the Ford GT with twin-turbo system that allows this super car to reach 0-60 mph in a blazing 2.6 seconds. Reaching a top speed of over 240 mph, no wonder this is a super car.

Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo

In addition to this information, twin turbochargers, the GT1000 system has also added a stainless steel exhaust system, billet throttle body, air-to-water cooling system. You can also tune this car to meet your needs and each car is tested to perform with maximum performance for its buyers. I encourage a person who likes the Fast and the Furious, now performing in reality as a hot seller.

Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo Side view

Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo Review

  • mhhhh….. i want to drive that car man

  • 5boronyc0527

    I want this car so badly!!!!

  • Sam

    Looks like a ford gt

    • Razloga

      Dude.. the car is called a Hennessey Ford GT.. it’s not a space ship if that’s what your wondering

  • I’m very happy to see a GT that can stand up to Corvettes.


  • My first love Ford.
    My current love Hennessey.
    Aw man, am I touched to see this.

  • Michael

    its not on the top ten list because its an aftermarket tuned car

  • R.J. Lannen

    this very site is listing performance specs for this car that exceed a few of the cars in its top ten lists so my question is why isn’t it on there?

  • anonimus

    this is a not truth

  • It looks like a ford gt40

  • TJ

    This car is a beast it will make ur vision blurr amazing just absolutely amazing it kills any other cars o and check again whoever said why isn’t it on the top ten well if u check again it might be or u just don’t know what u r looking for…

  • cole

    i swear to god.. i went up to ny to visit my uncle and he had bought one of these and its a beast i love itt

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    i love the ford gt

  • Dan

    Dude that car does at least 250 also the only rip off car is the lambo for the price it cant come close to that gt1000……it may be slower off the line but once u hit like 50 or 60 that car is gonna get away from any thing…..but i do agree that camaro is a rip off car but a ford gt or gt1000 a rip off…please ur mad cuz it’ll smoke ur forign cars, tuners, other muscle, and exotics

  • will

    than why is it not on the top 10 fastest list

  • just another rip-off of another car like the viper and camaro…way to go hennessey