Ford GT

Ford GT is a two door car, initiated under Ford ownership and it was produced in 2004. The Ford GT super car is inspired from Ford GT40, but is bigger and wider. It`s powered by a 5,4 l V8 engine producing over 550 HP and the max speed is 322Km/h.

The production of this car was limited, under 4500, but only 101 cars was exported to Europa, and 200 to Canada, the first car being produced in 2004. Ford used original technology,the body of this super car is made out of aluminum body panels, rod bonded floor panels and the engine has an aluminum cover, powered by an supercharger.The car use a six speed manual transmission. Fuel Consumption for the super car is 13 mpg in the city and 21 mpg in highway similar with Ferrari F430.

It can reach 60 mph in just 3,8 seconds and 100 mph in 8 seconds and as I said the top speed is 200 mph. The super car is priced at $140000, not a big price for it`s performance.


  • this guy

    the ford gt is the only decent looking ford in existence

  • TJ

    That is stupid we r talking about real cars here not some stupid imagination cars like a stupid Honda that can break the sound barrier u would have to be going more than 1200 mph if I’m correct,and if u r goin to talk about a Honda go to the Honda section. Forgive me for judging but until i really see it or read about it or see it on the da••• news i don’t believe it!!!!

  • Bob

    Ford is the best

  • Brady Norman

    I was reading through these comments and just thought I would correct you guys on some things. the fastest car in the world is MY 1992 four-door HONDA CIVIC. It has a 50 cylinder engine and its top speed is 1200 mph. It breaks the sound barrier in 8 seconds which I have accomplished in numerous cities including Newton, West Virginia. My Honda Civic can keep its top speed of 1200 mph for as long as I have energy, which my civic runs on nuclear power, due to the fact that the tires are made of stone and are un-meltable. The Civic also has autopilot so me and my boyfriend can get it on in the backseat going 1200 mph. In case you were wondering i am the woman in the relationship. if you are interested in experiencing this with me please call 1-800-419-7391. I have a 1-800 number because i run a home business of my and this is how i paid for my 50 cylinder honda civic.