F150 Super Snake

The F150 Super Snake is a cutthroat approach to the concept that Ford and Shelby companies came together to create. At first glance, it would appeal to you as an over-sized truck image of the GT500. This is no surprise as this truck has been inspired from the phenomenal Shelby GT500 that has made its mark in the automotive history.

Most people may have the impression that something that looks so powerful may not always perform well. With a V8 5.4-liter engine, this truck means serious business when you see it out on the road. It packs a whopping 475 horsepower rating that can literally sweep you off your feet. With a powerful engine that can take you to great lengths, it will also require something great to stop it; thus, it has been designed to have 6 piston Shelby brakes. To be able to further enhance handling performance, the F150 Super Snake’ suspension was tightened and dropped 3 inches.

  • Jimmy

    the Dodge Ram SRT-10 is WAY better. looks better, more power, bigger engine, and just plain awesome. and TJ , you are dumb.

  • ford forever

    That is the best truck ever lmao

  • steve

    big mouth for it to run

  • TJ

    First of all if u don’t have a ford (dodge,che••, ext.) then go hate on somone eles people…
    Just sharing the love

  • TJ

    This truck is bad. And dodge does not have a chance there transmission would break halfway through first gear, dodge people dream on the only way dodge could beat this is if they put a Ford engine into a dodge but that would be a sin…
    Just sharing the love

  • F150 out performs them all, now you add Shelby to the mix and the name alone makes it outperform all challengers…

  • The srt 10 viper truck could not beat this truck. The svt lightning could keep up with it all day long and it only had 380 horsepower. The super snake can walk dog on srt 10. Dream on mopar boy. Mopar is a slow car.

  • ViperPowered

    Well i wouldn’t wouldnt buy one, considering the Dodge Ram SRT-10 could walk off and leave this truck in the dirt without the use of a blower, 475hp of ponypower vs. 550hp VIPER POWER! Dodge wins any day.

  • not really a dream car but very practical type

  • GM&Ford&Mopar-dude

    Ford do makes the best trucks EVER 😀 😀 😀 YEAH 😀 😀