2011 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia

When you think about power being added to an already powerful car, think about the 2011 WheelsandMore Ferrari 458 Italia. The Ferrari 458 Italia now has an upgrade package made by the German luxury car refining company, WheelsandMore. With this upgrade, the Ferrari 458 Italia’s horsepower goes up from the standard 570 hp to 620 hp with an additional 100 lb of torque. With this amount of additional power, the 458 Italia can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.32 seconds.

The extra power and high performance is derived mainly from weight optimization and an improved handmade exhaust system with valve flaps and manifolds. The full system has thermal heat protection covers. The system is adapted to an upgraded ecu that optimizes flow resulting to that tremendous extra power.

The upgrade package also includes weight optimized 21” forged multi-piece wheels. The front wheels come in 9.0x21 and the rear at 12.5x21 inches with Hankook high performance rubbers. All the high quality wheels are hand crafted in Germany and can be individualized at the customer’s request. Individualization of the wheels has nearly unlimited options from color, surface combinations and personalized design apps that are mounted on the spoke openings.

  • riri

    this is very good,please give me,thanks for my gift !!

  • jojosantiagothecanadian

    this is a very good car but i dont like the wheels 🙁

  • Taiki

    WTF dude learn how to spell 😛

  • pakman

    this is a sick car from the line of many awesome ferraris if this is whats in the presents what wil ferrari bring ot the future