2011 Ferrari SA Aperta

Ferrari exhibited during the 2010 Paris International Motor Show their limited SA Aperta (only 80 have been produced). This is in line with the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina. SA Aperta enjoys Ferrari’s signature V12 front engine. The aerodynamics of Asperta is outstanding because of the well positioned windscreen. The fact that Aperta stoops lower to the ground adds to its compactness. Aperta has a revamped chassis to assure a standard firmness similar to a Berlinetta. The weight of the chassis has also been reduced to deliver a high, dynamic performance.

The outline of the seats is cunningly emulated by the Aperta’s profile that curves back from the A-post up to the two aerodynamic fins. Ferrari has one of the most innovative technologies when it comes to exceptional driving experience. This has been integrated in the Aperta when it marvelously exemplifies the sporty impression of the Ferrari 599 via the 670 CV engine underneath its bonnet.

  • anas

    ferrari really did good work on this car

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    same engine as the 599gto and only 80 are made and teyare orl sold

  • Dj duck

    dear tom, i like old American cars, like Cadillac seville and Chevy impala. Ferrari is for people there can’t handle a Lamborghini 😀

  • I reallyyyyyyyyyyy like this one

  • the bomb1023

    some ferraries look ok but i dont like them much way to over rated

  • Michael

    well done

  • Mr.Corvette

    ferrari makes the most beautiful cars. but they could’ve done better on the rim

  • tom

    Dj duck you dont like anything nothing at all, get a better taste in cars

  • Dj duck

    it is fine, but i just don’t like European cars (exept German cars)