2009 Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

The 2009 Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M is a high performance sports car.

The body of the Scuderia Spider 16M is made of carbon fiber, it features a powerful engine, stylish body structure, alloy wheels and an open top.

The Scuderia Spider 16M features an open top and it is also the fastest moving open top car in the Ferrari. The open top is operated by the touch of a button and it can be opened or closed within a few seconds.

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16m front view

The Scuderia Spider 16M features a V8 engine with a capacity of 4308 cc. The engine delivers an output power of 510 bhp at 8500 rpm and 347 lb-ft torque at 5250 rpm. It reaches the speed of 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and the top speed is about 195 mph. The Scuderia Spider 16M features 6-Speed F1 transmission and the gear shifts can be performed easily and quickly even at higher speeds and loads.

The exteriors feature the stylish body structure, open top, headlights and mirrors. The interiors feature the seats, sporty steering wheel, audio system, instrument panels and 16 GB iPod touch.

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16m side view


Vehicle Type: - 2-door sports car
Configuration: - Mid Engine
Engine: - V8
Capacity: - 4308 cc
Torque: - 347 lb-ft at 5250 rpm
Horsepower: - 510 bhp at 8500 rpm
Transmission: - 6-Speed F1
Wheelbase: - 102.4 inches
Length: - 177.6 inches
Width: - 75.7 inches
Height: - 47.9 inches
Weight: - 3170 lbs
0-60 mph: - 3.6 sec
Top speed: -195 mph