2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03

Many people are simply drawn to stunningly beautiful cars. Behind the artistry and superfluous lines lies the maker’s true passion to make an already existing work of art into something much more. This is what the 2009 USD Mallet Corvette ZO3 is. As a joint project of Mallet Cars of Berea, Ohio and Ugur Sahin Design from Gorinchem, Netherlands, the very powerful Corvette has just gotten a bit better.
2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03 480

The Team of USD B.V. had promising dreams for the Corvette C3. They already knew the capabilities of the favored supercar, which has a supercharger-twin turbo 7-liter V8 engine. But they wanted to create something that not had power in the inside, but it had to reflect on the outside as well. And thus they created something far more than design and style. It’s what they call Automotive Haute Couture.

2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03 white front view

As several exterior adjustments has been made to guarantee optimal performance and down force of the car, you’ll also see the distinctive style of the carbon fibre bodyworks that can be customized to the client’s preference in paint color. With only 100 Corvette C3 that the team is going to work with, car collectors should not miss the chance of owning power and beauty is one package.

2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03 red side back view

  • chewbacca

    well it says its corvette so maybe its a corvette

  • lamborghini1

    what is this?????????????

  • chewbacca


  • hypercar fan

    back looks kinda like a TVR

  • chewbacca


  • Michael

    man chewbacca thats a bit extreme don’t you think

  • chewbacca

    the back is weird but who ever thinks this car is ugly will be dragged out of their house,be stabbed in the legs then stabbed in the arms , then shot by a mini gun until all of its ammo runs out ,then you will be left on a island to be eaten by carnivores, and the remains will be incinerated by a flamethrower.

  • Michael

    this ruins corvette

  • kyle

    i like joe’s explanation of how its evolved

  • Joe

    The only thing I don’t like in the pictures is all the wires. They ruin it. I mean the car itself is pretty cool but the wires make it look like crap.

  • Michael


  • Joe

    They didn’t really mess it up. Think about how much the corvette has evolved from the basic coupe that went from 0-60 in 11 seconds. Also bear in mind that GM has never jumped from 1 model to the next with the corvette. The C1 (standard coupe) slowly evolved to the C2 (Grand Sport), which evolved into the C3 (Stingray), and even that evolved into the C4 (Callaway), and that went into the C5 (Z06), which later went into a C6 (ZR1). So consider this the new Stingray so to speak.