2008 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Limited Edition Z06

The Corvette 427 Limited Edition Z06 is manufactured by Chevrolet in a limited version.

The car contains a Crystal Red Tincoat exterior and graphics on the cover, front face and the 427 badge. It consists of a LS7 V8 engine with 7011 cc that delivers an output power of 505 bhp at 6300 rpm and 470 lb-ft torque at 4800 rpm. The interiors in the car are covered mostly with leather.

2008 Corvette 427 Special Edition Z06 red

A total of 505 cars have been manufactured in this model and the cost of the car is about $84,195 with an optional navigation system that costs around $1,750.

2008 Corvette 427 Special Edition Z06 engine


Vehicle Type: -Production car, two doors coupe
Configuration: - Front Engine/ RWD
Engine: - V8
Displacement: - 7011 cc
Mileage: - 16/26 mpg
Transmission: - 6-speed Manual
Torque: - 470 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
Horsepower: - 505 bhp @ 6300 rpm
Max RPM: - 7000 rpm
Width: - 75.9 in
Length: - 175.6 in
Height: - 49.0 in
Weight: - 3162 lbs
Wheelbase: - 105.7 in
0-60 mph: - 3.7 sec
Top speed: - 198 mph
Price: - $84,195

  • The Chevy Corvette Z06 is the foundation for Limited Edition 427, which offers better technology and capability, these features will increase the performance values on car market.

  • Dale

    I just picked up one of the wild and crazy car’s and shipped it to Canada, thank you USA. This car is rock solid and nothing to date has even come close, even those 150k imports have tried to run the limited edition 427, not even close! Lovin it

    Number 177 of 505

  • On this 08 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Limited Edition Z06, with stats like this, I don’t know why anyone would pay significantly more for a ZR1.